5 Outstanding Texas Wine Country Vintages

5 Outstanding Texas Wine Country Vintages

Texas wine country has a weath of fine wines to share with the world. Start by sampling five of the finest wine vintages from Texas.

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Napa Valley

Nestled between San Francisco and Sacramento, Napa Valley is the ultimate vacation spot for wine lovers. Don’t believe us? Check out these vacation must-dos in Napa Valley. Wineries There are over 400 wineries throughout Napa Valley, all with a little twist, making them unique in 

Orange wine is cool, but will it stick around?

  What is Orange Wine? My most recent encounter with orange wine was about 4 months ago, in the Shoreditch area of London, where hipster culture has firmly taken root. I don’t live in the capital, so every time I visit, I expect to encounter 

The 5 Most Notable Pinot Noirs of Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Oregon Terroir Oregon’s Willamette Valley, as wine goes, is new. The first serious plantings were in the ‘60s and ‘70s. In the Pinot Noir promised land of Burgundy, France they were in the second century AD, if not before. In several decades, the Willamette has